Choosing An Artificial Christmas Tree

The major benefits of an artificial Christmas tree are convenience, longevity and cost. If handled and stored properly, an artificial Christmas tree has a life expectancy of 10 years or more.

Westminster Christmas prides itself in providing many types of quality artificial Christmas trees in various styles, colours and sizes at an affordable price. If you are looking for a more natural looking Christmas tree, Westminster Christmas’s Bare Pine tree is the best replication of an Australian Christmas pine tree available.

To help you choose the right artificial Christmas tree, please consider the following when purchasing a tree:

Bare or Prelit? Prelit trees fold out with the lights already attached to the branches for you. While prelit trees are convenient, they are generally more expensive, the lights are fixed and may burn out. On the other hand with a bare tree, you can wrap the lights around the branches yourself and change the type of lights over the years.

Material Artificial trees are made using two types of plastic: PVC or PE. PVC needles are PVC sheets cut into strips and attached to the branches with wire. On the other hand, PE leaves are fabricated plastic made to look like real leaves.

Branch Type Most artificial Christmas trees have hinged or hook-on branches. Trees with hinged branches generally come in parts with permanently fixed branches which fold out.  With hook on branches, the branches are individually hooked in place on a central pole. Trees with hinged branches are easier to assemble but generally more bulky to store.

Frame and Tip Count Buying a quality tree will prevent the tree being lop-sided or toppling over. A quality tree with a wide solid metal base and well constructed branches will keep the tree balanced. The higher the tip count the fuller the look of the tree.

Coloured, flocked or accented? Artificial Christmas trees come in many colours, textures and accents such as pine cones and berries. Flocked trees have the appearance of trees dusted with snow.

Height and Width Artificial Christmas trees come in different sizes from table-top to 12 feet trees. When choosing, make sure the height and width of the tree will fit in your space.


Christmas Decorating Theme Ideas

Westminster Christmas has decorations in many colours and styles to suit any decorating theme from traditional Christmas themes, coastal and woodland themes, or to match your own décor. Please browse through our large range of baubles, decorations, tinsel, ribbon, flowers and sprays online or visit us in-store. If you need any help, be sure to contact us.

Traditional Christmas

Red, green, gold and silver

Coastal Christmas

Blues, light green, turquoise, white, silver and brown tones

Rustic Christmas

Traditional colours, natural tones and wooden decorations

Christmas Woodland

White, silver, gold and brown tones

Purple and Pink

Copper and Gold

Christmas Garlands

If you want to extend your Christmas decorations display this year, why not incorporate a Christmas garland? Christmas garlands look great on a wall, window, mantelpiece, stairwell or even used as a table display.  Westminster Christmas has a large range of garlands bare, pre-lit or decorated, in various sizes including 180cm, 270cm and 540cm long. You can make your own decorated garland or we can provide custom-made garlands decorated in your chosen style and colours.


Garland decorated with white and silver baubles and silver pine cones.

Poinsiettia The Christmas Flower

Poinsiettias, the quintessential Christmas flowers are perfect for adding flair to your Christmas decor. The plant symbolises joy, love, purity and hope amongst other things. Poinsiettias  are ideal for decorating Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, centrepieces and floral arrangements.

We have poinsiettias in a variety of colours (including red, green, white, aqua and pink) which can be matched with our wide range of baubles and Christmas decorations.




Lametta Tinsel – A German Tradition

Lametta is shredded tinsel and using it to decorate trees is a long-held German tradition. Tinsel or lametta was first used in the 1600s and was made from real silver flattened and cut into thin strips.

Using lametta is a fun way to get the kids to help decorate the tree by using one piece at a time.

Westminster Christmas has lametta in gold, silver and red.



Some Helpful Hints to Assemble Your

Christmas Tree etc

Fluff up Your Tree!  To ensure your purchased tree looks its best, be sure to fluff up the branches. The branches are usually packed tightly when inside the box and require some fluffing for a fuller look. From the centre, open up the branches outwards so all the leaves are fanned out. Be sure not to miss any sections of the branches. When a tree is properly fluffed, it has a full look and the centre of the tree should not be highly visible.

How many Lights?  If you want lights on your tree, you can purchase one of our beautiful pre-lit trees or you can add some string lights. When adding string lights, the guide to how many lights depends on personal preference of how bright you want your tree. However, as a general guide you can use 100 lights for a 4 ft and 5ft tree, 200 lights 6ft tree, 300 lights 7ft and 8ft tree and 500 lights 9ft and 10ft tree.  To install the lights, make sure they are not plugged in. Then, start at the bottom and circle the tree in a diagonal fashion to the top, wrapping the lights around some of the branches too. If using more than one set of lights, continue in the same way with the second set of lights. Once to the top, if some is leftover, reverse and go in a downwards direction. SHOP LIGHTS

Top of Tree... The tree topper is undoubtedly the focal point of the tree. However, if not mounted properly, it has the tendency to flop down. To mount a tree topper, attach a splint to the centre of the tree at the top using  some wire or string. The tree topper can then be mounted on top of the splint.

Storage of Your Tree. A tree bag is the best way to store your tree when not in use and avoid damage to the tree’s branches over time. On the other hand, the tree’s original box is the most compact way to store your tree. Store your tree in a cool, dry place. Heat can cause artificial trees to become discoloured and damaged over time. Be especially careful with the storage of white Christmas trees.