The evergreen fir tree has been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years, and we take great pride in being able to help families across Australia continue this time-honoured tradition. When we think of festive cheer, Christmas trees and ornaments usually come to mind, which is why we’ve traversed the globe looking for the very best artificial Christmas trees available. We have a large range of artificial Christmas trees on sale including prelit Christmas trees, fibre optic Christmas trees, flocked Christmas trees, green Christmas trees, pink Christmas trees, white Christmas trees, black Christmas trees and even upside down Christmas trees. Our trees also come in all sizes including tabletop Christmas trees, 3ft Christmas trees, 4 ft Christmas trees, 5ft Christmas trees, 6ft Christmas trees, 7ft Christmas trees, 8ft Christmas trees, 9 ft Christmas trees, 10ft Christmas trees and 12ft Christmas trees.

Some considerations when choosing a tree:

  • The most beautiful artificial Christmas trees are full showing few gaps. One indicator of fullness is the tip count, with density increasing with the number of tips.
  • Artificial trees have two types of branches: hinged and hook-on. Hinged branches are fixed to the tree pole which fold out. On the other hand, hook on branches are hooked on individually to a tree pole.
  • Most artificial Christmas trees are made of two types of material: PVC and PE. PVC needles are attached to the tree with wire while PE needles are moulded to the branches.
  • Artificial trees can be bare or pre-lit. Pre-lit artificial trees are convenient. However, with bare trees you can change the quantity and style of lights as you like.

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